Wednesday, June 6, 2012

English Paper Piecing - 2

Right-handers: 1 - Work in a clockwise direction. Fold the right side first

2 -  fold the left side

3 - Stitch through the fold, without going through the paper. Start with 2 stitches

4 - continue folding right hand first, pushing the fold under the left side.

5 - after the first corner, make one stitch only in each of the next 4 corners

6 - remember to push the right-hand fold under the left-hand fold

7 - the crossed-over thread holds the folds down - sewing in a clockwise direction 

8 - if you don't have nails to tuck the right fold under the left fold, use the tip of the needdle to push the fabric up.

9 - finish with 2 stitches across the last (6th) fold

10 - remember that the basting stays in your work (for eternity) so snip your thread just short of the edge, so that it does not show on the right side.

11 - this is what the basting looks like - stitch approximately in the middle of your turning so that the papers don't fall out as you are whip-stitching the hexagons together.


  1. Thanks for all these photos and explanations... everything is now clear for me ;-)

  2. Anonymous02 July, 2012

    Wait - if the basting stays in the quilt for all eternity what happens to the "papers"???

    1. Hi Mimi.. Just use the tip of your scissors to slide the papers out. Some people use a sate stick or a small crochet hook to scoop them out. B

  3. ...and you can remove internal papers anytime, just leave the outer edge papers in place for joining more hexagons...B


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