Friday, August 10, 2012

Tessellations II

I've noticed that a few of you have started making Tessellations II (I've been peeking at blogs!!), so I thought you might like to see some close-ups of this quilt - and the detail in the fussy-cutting

Helen emailed me to say that there was some confusion in the instructions - my reply to her was that this is a very simple quilt... 4 shapes:  a hexagon; a square, a diamond and a triangle, all with 2 1/2 inch sides.  Start in the centre and add your shapes one round at a time, auditioning fabrics and colours as you go.  Don't get too far ahead, as you may change your mind.  I changed from cool tones to warm tones with each round to give maximum contrast and to make each round "pop".  (The pink and yellow fabrics being the warm tones, and the blue and green fabrics being the cool tones.  The white with black spot acts as a neutral to separate the colours)

The book shows the addition of each round of fabrics and the direction for fussy-cutting in the coloured step-by-step instructions.  When I teach this quilt in a class, students only have a black/white graph of the quilt with heavier lines to mark the "rounds" where the colours change from cool to warm.
Have fun with fussy-cutting this one!


  1. This is my favourite quilt in your book, i love its simplicity and that you can add fabrics and dynamics with each round of shapes- fussy cutting really makes it special

  2. I’m working on this quilt as well, with 2" side papers and I love it. It’s my Olympic EPP Games quilt, it’s so easy and fun to work on while watching the real Olympic Games!
    I’ll take a picture soon!

  3. This is a fabulous quilt! Your mix of fabrics and colours is just so clever and creative! One day.....

  4. I was just doing a little blog hopping and found you - that piece is stunning - as well as all your other posts! I just become your newest follower and look forward to seeing other great posts. Since I'm new to quilting and still learning the basics I'm in awe of what quilters can do with pieces of fabric!

    All the best,
    [you'll find things from westies and beyond on my blog - check out who our last guild speaker was]

  5. This quilt top is the most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen. Also making it by hand makes it so very very special. I have loved looking at all your posts and am so looking forward to more posts from you.

    Patti xxx

  6. It's so lovely to see close-ups of this quilt - the fabrics you've chosen look even more lovely here!

    I don't think I've commented on your blog before, but I just wanted to say how very much I adore your book - it's inspiring, captivating and is looked through most days! I'm currently working on a miniature version of your Tessellations quilt.

    Florence x

    1. Thank you Florence! Do send me a picture of your miniature when it's finished - I'd love to add it to the gallery.


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