Thursday, September 6, 2012

FEATHERING THE NEST with Vintage Inspired Quilts

My book is available from: or if you live in North America, if you live in Australia, or if you live anywhere else.
If you are lucky enough to be going to Ste.Marie-aux-Mines in Alsace, France for the European quilt show next week (13-16 September) visit Quiltmania on booth 165 for a copy of my book...
You can also see 14 quilts from the book which will be on display there.


  1. So glad it's available to us here in Canada ; )

    1. thank you Carla! Having so much trouble uploading pictures with's now up the right way...B

  2. Yes, I will be in France next week. I'm looking forward to see your quilts in real!

  3. Oh, là, là.. tu me fends le coeur : je ne pourrai voir tes splendides oeuvres, pour loi, pas de Ste Marie aux Mines forcément cette année. Tu vas y avoir un beau succès c'est sûr.

  4. I have seen al your quilts in St Marie, so wonderful!

  5. There is a new paper piecer having problems with her pattern. Anyone making this, see @skyberries on IG to offer help.


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