Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dancing Dollies Revisited - missing pattern pieces

Dancing Dollies Revisited
Thank you to Inez from Holland, who discovered that Quiltmania had not included a couple of pattern pieces for the Dollies quilt.  I have made a PDF of the missing pieces and also corrected the size of pattern piece "J" (the 8 pointed star) for this quilt. The PDF is uploaded in the "Tips and Instructions" section in the header bar.  My apologies for this error!


  1. Hi Brigitte,

    Thank you for posting the missing pieces and correction. There are more quilters here in Holland very happy with it. We are all downloading today!
    Have a nice day, greetings from a sunny Holland, Inez

    1. Hello Inez! I hope it's all ok now. Don't forget to send me photos of your finished quilts for the's winter here but not too cold! Best regards

  2. Anonymous29 June, 2012

    thank you for the missing peaces.
    and your book feathering the nest is very nice !
    gr. ineke [ also from holland }

  3. Hi there
    I have also noticed that there is a pattern piece missing for Tesselations II. It is piece B but I have worked out that it is a 21/2" square


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